Our Harrap “family” is made up of a diverse group of individuals with lots of different interests, and a shared passion for IT in education. Please read on for a flavour…

Catherine has worked at Harrap ICT almost since the beginning! With a background in market research, Catherine started to help out with the admin and has since helped out in almost every team. She enjoys ice skating and doing jigsaw puzzles.
Favourite tech: Robot vacuum cleaner
JAMESManaging Director
In the beginning there was James! He started out as a secondary school teacher then ran for the hills to set up Harrap ICT. Initially doing school visits, admin, accounts and pretty much everything else, he now concentrates on making sure everything runs smoothly.
Favourite tech: Sonos sound system
TEDOperations Director
Ted previously worked in schools and has been at Harrap ICT for over 10 years. He has a broad range of IT expertise and loves everything edutech. Ted is a father of two girls and enjoys spending time with his family.
Favourite tech: IFTTT/Smart Plugs
DANDevelopment Team Manager
Dan has been with Harrap ICT for over 9 years. His expertise are in web development, Photoshop, and restarting computers.
When not coding he can be found gaming and watching movies.
Favourite tech: Nintendo Switch
PAULSoftware Team Manager
Paul worked in management, whilst tinkering with computers in his spare time, before joining Harrap ICT nearly 10 years ago. A background perfectly suited for his role in overseeing the support team.
When he’s finished chasing his 2 sons around, he enjoys computer games and model wargaming.
Favourite tech: Chumby!
ANDYHead of Support
Education and IT feature heavily in Andy’s life – he’s been interested in computers for as long as he can remember. An expert in all the technical aspects of HarrapNET, he joined Harrap ICT in 2013. One of his parents was a teacher and he also married a teacher!
Andy loves spending time with his son and playing computer games with friends.
Favourite tech: Henry or VR
DAVIDSupport Manager
A veteran technician in the world of edutech support, David has developed a fantastic range of skills and experience as a result of his time in the field. He strives to provide the ‘gold standard as standard’ (#GSAS) to everything he touches and is the human embodyment of positivity. Outside of work you can find him capturing life, one picture at a time.
Favourite tech: His beloved GameBoy Advance
CHRIS3rd Line IT Technician
Chris joined Harrap ICT in 2017 from an IT support role in a school. He is familiar with all things wireless/networks/servers/clients/school software.
Chris loves outdoor activities, PC gaming and cleaning/driving his Ford Focus ST.
Favourite tech: Smartphone and anything server related!
SIMON2nd Line IT Technician
Simon is an expert in computer hardware installation and troubleshooting problems. He joined Harrap ICT in 2018 having worked in retail on the electronics desk.
Simon loves anything computer related, video games, movies, and eating cake.
Favourite tech: High spec computers with very unnecessary RGB lighting!
ANDREWCustomer Success Specialist
Andrew joined us in September of 2019 after college. His specialist skills are Google Workspace for Education and Arbor support. When not in the office Andrew is passionate about photography and cycling.
Favourite tech: Smart home 
JIM2nd Line IT Technician
Jim has a wealth of experience in IT having gained an MsC in Information Processing, MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure certification plus several years working at HP. Outside of work, Jim can be found with his family, doing some DIY or fixing up old games consoles (with no time left to play them)!
Favourite tech: Power drill
TOMIT Technician
Tom joined the team back in 2012 and was Harrap ICT’s first apprentice. Tom started his career here after college. Since then he has completed the following qualifications with us: Comptia A+, MTA: Windows Server Administration & Networking Fundamentals.
Favourite Tech: Spotify
BENIT Technician
Ben’s interests are science and technology and he has put his experience in Windows Server, Desktop, hardware troubleshooting, repair and networking to good use over at Harrap ICT since 2015.
Ben also likes cars and motorsport and has a new interest in archery.
Favourite tech: His smart home setup, still working on it
STEPHEN2nd Line IT Technician
Stephen has been with Harrap ICT since 2019 and is a keen gamer.
Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, dog walks and watching YouTube.
Favourite tech: Virtual/Augmented Reality
AKOSIT Technician
Akos is part of the onsite tech team. He has a masters degree in Astronomy as well as a number of IT qualifications.
Outside of work, Akos loves playing board games and watching movies – Star Wars being some of his favourites.
Favourite tech: Anything Apple
MAXIT Technician
Max joined us in 2020. He is an avid swimmer, belonging to the Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club. When not in the water, Max spends his time gaming and having his nose in pretty much all things tech!
Favourite tech: Jabra elite 75T earbuds
DAVID PCIT Technician
David is one of our on-site techs. Originally from South Africa, David started building computers when he was 10 and after starting a career as a professional driver, he followed his interest in computers to join Harrap ICT. David also enjoys gaming and fishing!
Favourite tech: high-tech gaming computers
DAVID GSoftware Support
With a background in website development, David has joined the team to provide help and advice for software such as Arbor, Libresoft Librarian and Libresoft Sign-In.
He is a keen gamer and cyclist and enjoys watching movies and he is an online community founder.
Favourite bit of tech: Coffee machine
BECKYAdmin Team Lead
Becky joined the team in 2017 and deals with all things admin.
Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, reading and being outdoors.
Favourite tech: Her phone
SARAHProject Coordinator
Sarah has worked in IT Support for over 10 years, with a background in Business and IT. When she’s not busy running around after her 3 children, Sarah has a passion for running herself!
Favourite tech: Her mobile
Nicki joined the Harrap ICT admin team in 2017. She previously worked for IBM and as a Senior Admin Officer for a primary school.
She enjoys spending time at the beach, kayaking, spending time with family, walking her dogs and early morning fitness classes.
Favourite bit of tech: Her phone
Abby has nearly 10 years experience working for Harrap ICT! Abby lives in Bournemouth with her husband and two teenage daughters. Outside of work and family time, she’s active in her local church community, she’s particularly passionate about helping people with their mental and emotional wellbeing. Her family have a pup Cooper, so Abby spends her time trying to keep him in line!
Favourite tech: Her phone and different coffee machines!
Katy is a member of the busy admin team. Previously Katy worked as an Executive Assistant in private equity. When not at work or looking after her three children, Katy enjoys taking her dog for long walks – ideally with a country pub on route!
Favourite tech: Yoto
Lucy has joined the team as an Administrator. Lucy has three daughters and is a qualified midwife. Lucy loves spending time with her family, baking, crafts, long walks and making wedding cakes!
Favourite tech: Her phone
Pat has joined the team as an Administrator. Pat went to art school, she has a business and law degree, she qualified as a dental nurse and previously worked in IT sales and account management. Pat loves hiking, literature, documentaries and volunteering.
Favourite tech: Xbox and laptop
GEORGEIT Technician Apprentice
George has joined the team as an IT Technician Apprentice. George loves gaming and going to the gym. George is an undefeated Go Karting champion!
Favourite bit of tech: His home computer
CRAIGIT Technician
Craig has joined the team as an IT Technician. Craig has worked in IT across a number of different industries. Outside of work Craig enjoys watching sports such as football, F1 and cricket and spending time with his family and friends. Craig is an avid gamer in the past he likes to relive those moments if he gets a chance.