Our Harrap “family” is made up of a diverse group of individuals with lots of different interests, and a shared passion for IT in education. Please read on for a flavour…

Catherine has worked at Harrap ICT almost since the beginning! With a background in market research, Catherine started to help out with the admin and has since helped out in almost every team. She enjoys ice skating and doing jigsaw puzzles.
Favourite tech: Robot vacuum cleaner
JAMESManaging Director
In the beginning there was James! He started out as a secondary school teacher then ran for the hills to set up Harrap ICT. Initially doing school visits, admin, accounts and pretty much everything else, he now concentrates on making sure everything runs smoothly.
Favourite tech: Sonos sound system
TEDOperations Director
Ted previously worked in schools (and pubs and IT) and has been at Harrap ICT for over 8 years. He has a broad range of IT expertise and loves everything edutech. Ted recently became a Dad and enjoys spending time with his daughter.
Favourite tech: IFTTT/Smart Plugs
ANDREWCustomer Champion
Andrew, a.k.a. Woodsy, was a secondary school teacher for 20 years before embarking on a new adventure 3 years ago and joining the Harrap ICT team.
Woodsy enjoys playing golf, the guitar and going for walks with his wife and dog.
Favourite tech: Playstation, Sonos, and acoustic guitar (old tech but it still counts!)
DANLead Developer
Dan has been with Harrap ICT for nearly 6 years. His expertise are in web development, Photoshop, and restarting computers.
When not coding he can be found gaming and watching movies.
Favourite tech: Nintendo Switch
PAULSupport Manager
Paul worked in management, whilst tinkering with computers in his spare time, before joining Harrap ICT just over 6 years ago. This background suits him perfectly for his role in overseeing the support team.
When he has finished chasing his 2-year-old around, he enjoys playing computer games and model wargaming
Favourite tech: Chumby!
ANDYServices Manager
Education and IT feature heavily in Andy’s life – he’s been interested in computers for as long as he can remember. One of his parents was a teacher and he has married a teacher! An expert in all the technical aspects of HarrapNET, he joined Harrap ICT in 2013.
Andy loves spending time with his 7 month old son and is often found playing board games or computer games with friends.
Favourite tech: Henry or VR
CHRISIT Technician
Chris joined Harrap ICT 3 years ago from an IT support role in a school. He is familiar with all things wireless/networks/servers/clients/school software.
Chris loves outdoor activities, PC gaming and cleaning/driving his Ford Focus ST.
Favourite tech: Smartphone and anything server related!
DAVIDIT Technician
David has worked in edutech for his entire working life having spent the last 4 years at Harrap ICT.
David is the “Phone God” and when not providing the gold standard as standard (#GSAS) at work, you can find him outside capturing life one picture at a time.
Favourite tech: Virtual reality……in about 10 years time
SIMONIT Technician
Simon is an expert in computer hardware installation and troubleshooting problems. He joined Harrap ICT 2 years ago having worked in retail on the electronics desk.
Simon loves anything computer related, video games, movies, and eating cake.
Favourite tech: The satisfaction of setting up new equipment and it working without issues
Noah joined the team in 2018 straight from school where he had been taught by the wonderful Mr Woods aka Woodsy!
Noah is a whizz in web development and an excellent problem solver.
Favourite tech: His beloved Tamagotchi
BENIT Technician
Ben’s interests are science and technology and he has put his experience in Windows Server, Desktop, hardware troubleshooting, repair and networking to good use over the last 4 years at Harrap ICT.
Ben also likes cars and motorsport and has a new interest in archery.
Favourite tech: His smart home setup, still working on it
TOMIT Technician
Tom joined the team back in 2012 and was Harrap ICT’s first apprentice. Tom started his career here after college. Since then he has completed the following qualifications with us: Comptia A+, MTA: Windows Server Administration & Networking Fundamentals.
Favourite Tech: Spotify
STEPHENIT Technician
Stephen has been with Harrap ICT for a year and is a keen gamer.
Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, dog walks and watching YouTube.
Favourite tech: Virtual/Augmented Reality
ANDREWIT Technician
Andrew joined us straight from college 5 months ago now, he is highly skilled in phone/remote support.
When not in the office Andrew is passionate about photography and cycling.
Favourite tech: Smart home
DANIT Technician
Dan is part of the development team, dealing with support tickets plus making enhancements and building in additional features to the system.
Dan is another enthusiastic gamer.
Favourite tech: Etch A Sketch
Sarah is married to a computer geek, a parent of 2 and she was a primary school governor for 4 years. She has worked at Harrap ICT for 3 years and keeps the office organised.
She loves cooking (eating), any kind of craft and redecorating her house.
Favourite tech: Her phone
Nicki joined the Harrap ICT admin team 3 years ago. She previously worked for IBM and as a Senior Admin Officer for a primary school.
She enjoys spending time at the beach, kayaking, spending time with family, walking her dogs and early morning fitness classes.
Favourite bit of tech: Her phone
BECKYOffice Administrator
Becky joined the team 3 years ago and deals with all things admin.
Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, reading, being outdoors.
Favourite tech: Her phone
RACHELTeam Liaison Officer
Rachel joined the team 2 years ago with a background in marketing, sales and project management.
She loves photography, music and long pub walks with her hubby, dog and 2 adorable little girls.
Favourite tech: Spotify/Camera
LYDIACustomer Success
Lydia worked in local government for 12 years before joining us nearly a year ago. Daily she worked with libraries, sports centres, art galleries and museums.
She loves spending time with her 2 young children, friends, going to the gym, music, festivals and travelling.
Favourite tech: iPads – for happy kids!
JULIETTEMarketing and Events Assistant
Juliette is the newest member of the team having joined in January. Her background is in theatre production and arts management Masters and she is a Photoshop pro! She loves Dungeons & Dragons, cosplaying/conventions, musical theatre, and cooking.
Favourite tech: the internet