Harrap ICT offers both leased lines as well as FTTP (where available). As specialists in schools, we ensure we cover current and future DfE guidance. Currently, they recommend schools have a minimum download connection of 100mbps.

Leased Lines

A leased line is dedicated fibre cabling directly into your premises. Unlike FTTP, leased lines do not utilise shared infrastructure so your data will be transferred directly from the internet to you. This means you will receive the full capacity of your connection at all times. They also carry the highest level SLAs with the carriers offering the fastest repair time 365 days a year.


Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is ultrafast broadband. Data is sent via fibre optic cabling directly into your premises. FTTP lines are shared, unlike leased lines. This is called a contended service, which means you may see a dip in performance at peak times.

Our offering can be an internet-only provision or we can complement this with a Watchguard Firebox (spec depending on school requirements), Providing a fast and secure network with granular filtering and reporting that meets the DfE requirements for KCSiE.

As a Watchguard Gold Partner, we have worked hard to ensure our team can assist with offering bespoke and secure options for Keeping Children Safe in Education whilst also offering the best price point on some extremely powerful hardware.